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Upvc Doors, arched frames and Conservatories in Manchester.

yachtsFront and Rear UPVC Doors

We are a Upvc Doors company based in Manchester and specialise in all the latest types of upvc doors, with arched frames, top lights and side lights. We supply the latest composite fire doors to all the  well known places in England, including London, Edgware and the county of Middlesex. We sell a fabulous range of home improvement products including composite fire doors, stable and barn doors  and upvc front doors with side panels and arched frames.

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When a conservatory is manufactured it is usually made from a plastic material called unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. A lot of manufacturers like ourselves use this type of material because it is thermoplastic meaning that the material will loose its shape when heated and then become strong and solid once it has cooled making it easier for us to produce conservatories, upvc doors and windows. Our UPVC conservatories come in a wide range of styles, designs and shapes so there is something to suite every customers requirements. Having a conservatory added to the back of your home will create extra living space as well as adding value to your home.

Arched Window Frames & Upvc Doors in the United Kingdom

A great way to improve the look of you property and to make it a lot more modern is by installing UPVC arched Windows, for every home owner it is important to make sure that the design of your windows and pvcu doors are in character with the rest of your home.  This can be easily achieved with these types of windows because you can have any design that you prefer. Not only are they available in a wide variety of designs, UPVC doors & windows are also available to purchase in numerous finishes. The number of different finishes you can choose from include white PVC finish, light oak finish and mahogany finish.All of these types of windows and doors are great to have installed into your home. The reason for this is that they will help you save money on your heating bills. They will also help you save money because you won’t need to keep replacing them year after year like you would with any other type of door.

The Upvc Composite Doors and Arched Windows

The Upvc doors and windows now available at discounted prices create a these type of products create the focal point and first impression for visitors that are looking at your property. Just like the rest of our products that we manufacture they are made to the highest possible standard in a great selection of colours and designs so that we have something to suite every customers taste. Just by simply having UPVC doors and windows installed into your property, you can improve the look of your home, making it look more modern and stylish.


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Our company has its very own local distributer in composite doors and other home improvement products to help us with our suppliers and deliveries.

Double Glazing

Double Glazing is a type of glass that is very well known as an insulated glazing unit that is used in a lot of windows throughout the UK. It is a piece of glass that has two layers of glass that are separated by a spacer along the edges of the two layers. Because of the spacer it will create sealed air spaces between the two layers, which will then give double glazing windows and doors a huge advantage over single glazed windows and doors. Then the insulated glazing is framed with fantastic materials including wood and UPVC. The air spaces between the two layers of glass are the insulating part of double-glazing windows. There are many great advantages of having double glazing windows and doors installed into your property. One of the main benefits is that it will help reduce the cost of your heating bills and can also add more value to your property.

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UPVC doors are fantastic for both old and newer homes throughout the United Kingdom. They are all made fully to the British standard to give the best in security, easy maintenance, great strength and are weather resistant. They also look fabulous on both the inside of the home as well as the outside making them the perfect choice compared to the traditional wooden doors. All of our doors are designed with the very best withstand to protect you and your family from the awful UK weather conditions like rain showers and storms. The frames of the composite doors are usually made in one piece so that you are guaranteed to have a door with a strong long lasting finish.  Once you have bought your brand new product you will want to give it your own personal touch of style. So why not take a look at our excellent new selection of door hardware and security features which include door locks, letter plates, door numbers and door handles. Whatever you are searching for we can grantee you will find it here. Not only that all of our products come with an affordable low cost price tag.

You will find that anywhere in the country has some type of door fitted to the front and throughout buildings many of which are now UPVC doors. They are a special kind of model that started to get manufactured nearly 20 years ago and have since been extreamly popular with all kinds of people. Has a company we have found that many of the customers that come to us today now prefer to have the upvc type of door fitted making them one of the more common choice within the United Kingdom.

We all know that the traditional wooden door can look beautiful and modern when it is first installed into your property but over time especially because of the extreame British weather conditions they can begin to rot making your home look untidy. Not only that they can be expensive to repair. But with the brand new UPVC doors they will protect you and your family home against these wheather conditions and even after years and years that can still look beautiful at the front of the house.

When you are looking for strong and reliable UPVC doors then look no further than our company. We are one of the biggest windows and doors company based in the North West of England. Over the past twenty or so years we have been supplying the country with a fantastic range of products to help you to improve the look of your property as well as the security. For this reason and many others we have introduced an excellent UPVC collection to staisfy every customers needs and requirements. Just by having the UPVC doors installed into your property you will be saving more money on your heating bills as well as making your home look much more attractive to the outside world. If you are someone looking to save money then these are the perfect products available to you with a fabulous range to offer you won’t need to look anywhere else.

If you are someone that listens to the news a lot you will know that there has been a lot of talk saying that there is going to be a dramatic rise in the fuel prices. So this will mean has these prices start to increase so will your energy bills. But if you have UPVC doors installed because of the way they are manufactured and the material used they will help to cut the cost of your energy bills along with helping to keep your home insulated for a lot longer. These types of products are also great for protecting you and your family from the British weather conditions including hail, snow, rain, wind and whatever else.

There are many different benefits of having the UPVC doors installed into your family property one of the main ones being they will last for many of years unlike the traditional wooden door. As well as this if you have a very busy lifestyle then you should know that these types of doors only need very little maintenance. If you do happen to get a mark on your new external door all you need to do is wipe of it with a damp cloth. Another one of the main advantages with the UPVC doors is that there are a wide choice of designs and styles to choose from including a great traditional look to a contempory look the choice is yours. To give your home a great looking unique look why not take a look at our decorative glass range. With the excellent selection of products and due to the way the doors are manufactured you can now have decorative glass installed in to your new door to give the front of your home its own unique look. By having the glass installed into your doors not only will it make your home look more attractive it will allow much more light into your home which is perfect for thoose homes with tall dark hallways.

To improve the look of your property and save money at the same time get one of our UPVC doors installed today at a discounted price.

Whatever type of house you have whether its semi dettached or a bungalow we have the right type of UPVC doors for your home. Over the years we have started to recommend these types of products to our customers mainly becase they are long lasting, easy to maintain and come in a wide veriety of styles, colours and designs to compliment the look of any property. Just like we any brand new door you have installed into your home this product will deffinatly create a long lasting impression on all of your visitors. And sometimes if you are looking to sell your home it could increase the value of it too. There are hundreds of different benmefits of having the UPVC doors and products installed into your home so let us point a couple out to you.

One of the main benefits is that they come in an outstanding range of colours, designs and styles. After all you do want a door that is completely different to your neighbours. As well as this there are a lareg number of fittings and accessories that compliment your new UPVC product fantastically. A long with this the products are very eaisy to maintain which is excellent for people that have a very busy lifestyle. In order to keep it clean just wipe over the door with a damp cloth of warm soapy water and all dirty marks should have been removed. They are all also very strong and durable meaning that they will last for years and protect you and your loved ones from the great British weather conditons outside including any strong winds.

As a large UPVC doors and windows company we know that in can be sometimes difficult when it comes to choosing the right product to suite your tatse as well as your property. So the best thing to do is to choose what colour of UPVC front door you prefer. We have a range of colours available. Many of our customers go for the traditional white plastic look but other colours include reds, greens, blues, blacks and yellows. The are also a number of traditional wood grain effects available. Once you have decided on the colour it may be then a good idea to choose the style such as whether you would like decorative glass installed or just plain toughend glass. There are many other features with the UPVC doors including security lights, side lights, what type of door handles you prefer and other door accessories.

Other types of UPVC doors that can be installed to the inside of your home include double doors, French doors and patio doors so whatever type of UPVC product you are looking for we are able to find something to suite you.

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We are one of the United Kingdoms largest growing upvc door companies. Over the years we have been selling a large range of this fantastic product in many different areas including Manchester, Blackburn, Preston, Liverpool, Newcastle and even London. One of the reasons why many people purchase these types of pvc doors is because they are guaranteed to add value to your property which is great if you are looking to sell up and move home.

UPVC is a very strong type of plastic that is becoming commonly used for doors, gutters and even window frames. One of the best benefits of this type of material is that it is also waterproof making it a very good improvement to the old fashioned wooden type of door.

Just by taking a look on our website you will find that we have a large team of engineers that manufacture and install a wide selection of UPVC doors all of which come in a number of different styles, designs and colours so that there is something to suite every individual customers that we have buying from us. Not only that you will find that many of our doors are the cheapest on the market meaning you will also save money as well as getting a brand new UPVC door. When it comes to styling your fabulous new purchase you don’t just need to stick to the white plastic as we have a wide range of finishes also available including different types of wooden styles. Just take a look around our show room for more information.

This type of plastic door will give you many benefits when it comes to home security. We install a wide range of specification and products to suite every homes security needs. Not only that but just by having this kind of Upvc door installed within your property will also make you and your family feel more safe and secure whilst at home because they make it even harder for thieves and burglars to brake into your family home.

We also supply and fit conservatories and arched composite door frames. Call us today for a free quote:

We also manufacture and sell Upvc doors in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Darwen, Stockport, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle. A local company that covers the UK for deliveries.

UPVC DOORS is an authorative figure in doors and windows in the UK and we can supply almots any style that you require.